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Like most things in life, training is an option or a choice that some people make but not others. There are those that try to take short cuts and pay for quick fix remedies but health and fitness can’t be a quick fix.

The basics are the best! The basics get results!

The Primal Movements are the basics: Push, Pull, Move, Squat, Twist, Lunge.

Investing in ones health and fitness is like a saving scheme in your bank account. The longer you pay in regular consistent deposits you will have a buffering pot of gold to rely on for many years. The benefits to training are commonly known:

  1. Better physiological health markers
  2. Weight loss
  3. Improve immune system function
  4. Improve sleep
  5. Reduce depression
  6. Improve self esteem
  7. Improve metabolism (As we age this slows down so we are fighting the effects of ageing)

However, even though we know these benefits we sometimes struggle to keep motivated and we stop making the regular health and fitness deposits into our bodies. We need to find the right reason; the right WHY for you.

When we find your WHY it will become part of the daily routine to pay in the beneficial deposits into your system.



I provide remote training systems that have the Primal Movements at the core of the routine. These get results.  If you want a 1-2-1 for movement screening, any type of technique tuition: Squat, Deadlift, Pressing, Pulling, Running, Rowing and even the more technical gymnastics and olympic lifts just contact via my email:  info@dannywatson.me


Danny Watson


Looking for the right training tools to improve towards your goals? Need some extra motivation to kick start your routine to a new you?

We all need help with our training and lifestyle so that we can live a healthier and, hopefully, longer life. This means we can enjoy those moments that truly matter with family and friends.

Rowing program

A 6 week rowing program that allows you to progress in both your short and long distance time trials.

3 sessions a week.

Bodyweight gymnastic progressions

If you struggle with pull ups, press ups and dips this one is for you.

Graduated progressions for the exercises with illustrated explanations.

Included is a shoulder stability routine to prevent injury.

Plus an example weekly routine to integrate into your current training.

Bodyweight No-Gym System

50 day bodyweight program where you don’t require a gym membership. You just need a pull up bar.

You can track your results and see the progress throughout with repeat testing.

Links to youtube exercise demonstrations.