Training at TRAIN Manchester

01 July 2016

It was time to have another long session on the bar. Training has been going so well. The balance between University, family and training has been spot on and I have also managed to train other movements so that I stay injury free from just doing pull ups.

I had a message from Dom Beardwell, who is one of the owners of TRAIN Manchester. He wanted to do a pull up session with me and join in for 30 minutes.

I was lucky enough to leave University early and get to the gym for 3.30pm. I warmed up and then jumped on the bar at 3.45pm. I wanted to vary my routine each hour so that it helps with the mental battle of the same reps that can lead to boredom. I completed 6 reps every 30 seconds for 10 minutes and then had 5 minutes recovery. I continued with this scheme for the first hour. I then decided I would do 5 every 30 seconds for 7 minutes and then take a 3 minutes break for the second hour. This took me to 900 reps. I then did 7 reps every minute for the next 35 minutes taking me to 1150 reps in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Dom was true to his work and joined me for the final 30 minutes and this made me feel great having the company. I know having people join me on the day of the attempt will boost me my morale when I am tired, hungry and emotional.

A great session and my dinner was well deserved that night.

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