10 Dec 2014

One hour 15ft rope climb for the Central Manchester Foundation Trust and the Dental Hospital charity

The goal was to try and achieve 150 rope climb in the hour. The charity helps to fund treatment and equipment at the Manchester University Dental Hospital. They have been struggling to raise money in 2014 so I thought I would put my body on the line and take on the challenge.

I set off at 6pm on the 10th December. I held 3 climbs a minute for 30 minutes. I was hitting all three quickly and resting for the remainder of the minute. After that I slowed to 2 a minute and the climbs became harder as I approached the final 10 minutes. I rallied my energy and hit the 150 target with 2 minutes to go. One of my supporters said he would pay £10 per rope climb over my target; so I went extra quick in the final 2 minutes to achieve an extra 6 climbs.

The total was 156 climb or 2340 ft. This is higher than the second tallest building in the world the Shanghai Tower 2073 ft and just short of the tallest the Burj Khalifa at 2717 ft.

I raised £3000 for the hospital charity and enjoyed every minute of it.

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