Investing in the right things

Invest in your body

Physiotherapy, sports massage and movement assessments: the things we invest in when we have injuries as a reactive process.

What if we approached this from a different perspective?

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Since committing to the biggest physical challenge of my life, I have had to think from a preventative perspective. With the number of repetitions and volume, that is involved in the preparation of the attempt, I will get some injury niggles and pains. I knew that would be part of the course but wanted to limit the chances and reduce the margin for error. I have a team of outstanding therapists behind me. They are integral in achieving the task. Teamwork is key in any endeavour.

This made me think about the endurance event of life itself. If we took a preventative attitude to life and invested in our movement, function and recovery I think our longevity would be increased. Here is an analogy:

‘A 45 year old decided to take up triathlon and do an Ironman event. They spend £10,000 on a road bike, train and do the event but are unable to train after the event for 12 months due to injury. What if they spent £9000 and invested £1000 in preventative therapy from professionals. The chances are they would avoid the post event issues.’

Invest in your body. Stay working, training and having fun with your family for longer. If it is that important make allowances.

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