10 Dec 2008

Sgt Chris Gibbs and I set ourselves a huge challenge in the August of 2008. The phone conversation was brief:

  • Me: “Fancy doing a 24 hour challenge?”
  • Gibbo: “Yeah why not. What are you thinking?”
  • Me: “chin ups and dips every min”
  • Gibbo: “What 7 reps of each?”
  • Me: “Yeah sounds good. Lets try 20 minutes at lunch”

And so the training began. Twenty minutes lead to hours and hours of one hour on and one hour off. We decided to try a 16 hour night shift in the November. This was completed at the venue for the actual event in the gymnasium of the Army Training Regiment Bassingbourne. The physiotherapist who was looking after us advised us to do 15 minutes work each on a rota for the entire time. It went well, but in hindsight it was too close to the event to have done this length of training.

On the day we set off at 3pm. The training had paid off as we were feeling strong through each hour until hour 12. Each time we went back to the bars we had to dig deep. At hour 18 I was emotionally drained and physically exhausted. Gibbo asked if we could do 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off. This helped and then it went down to 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off.

For the last hour we stepped up to the original 15 minutes routine. We had a huge amount of support and this helped us push through the exhaustion. We completed the task and raised over £3000 for Help for Heroes.

This is one of the hardest physical challenges of my life.

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