3  April 2016

The inaugural Just Row event took place at the gym TRAIN Manchester on the 3rd April 2016. It has a myriad of athletes from pure rowing enthusiasts to gym junkies and also CrossFit athletes. It had attracted some of the best from each discipline to see who would come out on top.

The concept for the event was to have 3 different rowing workouts within a one hour slot. The distances for each workout element were added together and the individual who had the most distance covered was crowned the champion.

The three workouts tested the 3 metabolic pathways: CP, glycolytic and oxidative. The workouts were as follows:

  • Minute 0-18: 6x 2 minutes work with 1 minutes rest (add all distances together)
  • Minute 30-31: 1 minute max distance
  • Minute 40-53: 13 minute max distance

My strategy was to hit an even pace for all of the six 2 minute efforts. I was holding 1:41 per 500m pace for 4 intervals and it become very hard. I was barely recovering in the 1 minute recovery time for the final 2. I ended up with an average of 1:42 per 500m for the 6 intervals and a distance of 3525m.

The rest between minutes 18 and 30 was so welcomed and I felt recovered for the 1 minute max effort. I held a decent 1:27 per 500m pace after the initial pulls and ended up with 333m.

It was all to play for going into the final workout. Everyone was tired but we knew what we had to do. I went off at a pace I knew I could hold for at least 9 minutes after the other workouts. I could see the others pulling hard and I knew I had to push harder and broke the last 4 minutes down into 60 second blocks; getting faster on each one. I ended up with 3515m.

I didn’t know if I had done enough and waiting for the results was a great experience. They announced the third and second placed finishers and it wasn’t me and I thought I could have done this. Then they called my name out as the winner. Such a great reward for all the dedicated rowing training I had put in over the past 3 months.

The best thing about the whole event was that my Father was there to watch me. I have always wanted him at my sporting events and he got the chance that weekend.

This is an event for your calendar. My Father wants to do it next year with me, so we are booked up.


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